Design and Engineering

Here at JFK Defense, we understand Armored Vehicles. We know that every day the threats evolve and so must the defense strategies that combat these threats.

JFK Defense employs decades of experience and offers a tailored solution to every client, unique to the threat they are facing.

We design and manufacture bespoke Military vehicles to meet the client requirements, with keeping international standards and Modern threats in focus.

We take pride in our process and focus on integrated systems that are required in various aspects of a successful mission. This includes, Robotic Weapon Stations (RWS), Modern Turret systems, Mine Detection System for Route clearing vehicles & Mine resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles, Command and Control Modules for SWAT & Tactical Vehicles. We also integrate Top Quality Communication and radio modules & vehicle mounted counter measure like Mobile Signal Jammers.

Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles

Armored Personnel Carriers come in All shapes and sizes and are regulated by various Standards issued by authorities around the Globe. We design vehicles that are commensurate with most international Standards including, CEN BR6, CEN BR7, NIJ III, NIJ IV, VR6, VR7, VR9, STANAG 4569 Level One through Five.

Our production strategy allows us to deliver projects in record times while keeping a keen eye for quality and integrity of the systems and vehicle supplied. We only use TOP QUALITY Certified Materials to manufacture our vehicles which we mainly source from Europe, America, and Australia.

Military Armored Vehicles

We are focused on the need of the customer, determined to provide the best solution suited to the customer rather than what is available.