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Design and Manufacture Armored Vehicles

The processes involved in designing an internally embedded Armor for a commercial vehicle requires the manufacturer to consider various aspects of the vehicle chosen and the level of security selected. The vehicle is designed to combat multiple urban threats simultaneously and getting out of the range of harm as quickly as possible. JFK Defense vehicles leave the factory ready to stop multiple bullets on any part of the vehicle from any angle without the possibility of stoppage or a breakdown. At JFK Defense we study the internal space of the Commercial chassis very closely, the design team makes an intricate map of the internal space of the vehicle in order to design the most secure Armor capsule which is then systematically embedded along the body of the vehicle.

The floor protection is designed with material that can harness explosions of small and medium ordinance like hand grenades and anti-personnel land mines. Depending upon the level of protection required and selected by the client this protection level can then be increased by introducing additional measures like undercarriage Blast Protection Shield. This can provide a higher level of protection from explosions.

The verticals of the vehicle are vital and the right material is key in protecting the assets travelling within these vehicles. The Internal Armored capsule must be designed in a way that the internal space and comfort of the passengers is not compromised. The Doors are separately Armored while the cabin is protected with the minimum number of small Armor plates, ensuring no room for injury from a broken piece of metal. The Doors are reinstalled on the vehicle using High quality hinges in order to prevent them from sagging through out the life of the vehicle. At JFK Defense we select material that ensures our design standards are met without any room for penetration by bullets and shrapnel alike all the while keeping all Armor elements concealed and the original shape of the vehicle remains the same.

The transparent Armor is carefully inspected and installed in a way that does not hinder vision and in the event of facing live fire Does not shatter. All transparent Armor must have the capability of withstanding multiple shots for all protection levels.

Whether it’s an Armored SUV or a luxury sedan, the vehicle is then fitted with modified suspension in order to compensate the additional weight. Heavy-duty braking elements are also installed in order to reduce the braking distance bringing it close to the OEM standards. All tires are fitted with Run on flat devices and in some cases special purpose tires and rims can also be installed.

SUVs and Sedans are Armored by following international standards stipulated by Authorities around the Globe, some of the most common ones are CEN (BR6, BR7 Level Armor) National institute of Justice (NIJ-III &NIJ-IV Level Protection) and VPAM BRV 2009 Design, which is a German Vehicle Ballistic resistant standard. JFK Defense has in-depth know-how of all the above stated standards of ballistic resistance and take pride in providing security to our patrons and their families.

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