Arctic permafrost soil. Endless masses of Sahara desert sand. Wild trails in the dense Amazon Jungle. When it comes to discovering uncharted territory and winding roads, KONl sets new off-road standards with RAID. In a unique blend of innovative high- performance technology and superior “4×4” Know-how, KONl has developed an all-terrain damper without compromise. Tested in the Outback and proven in the Dakar Rally, it offers optimum handling even under the most difficult circumstances. Ideal for serious drivers looking for an uncomplicated but effective product for every type of terrain.

  • Solid, robust attachments welded all around 360°
  • Maximum car stability due to adjustable rebound forces
  • Heat-resistant sealing technology for long lifespan


  • Strengthened mounting suspension
  • Hydraulic rebound makes arrester straps redundant
  • Larger oil holding capacity for better heat exchange