Coil Springs & Dampers

KONI has extensive experience of working with Customers to design effective coil spring and dampers assemblies that can be readily adapted to the suspension and chasis, Axtone provides a wide range of engineered springs for industrial, vehicle and recreational markets. Axtone specializes in hot coiled springs with rods from 14 to 80mm and up to 450mm in diameter and 11.5 meter long. Using round peeled, straightened polished bars as raw material is a key advantage and helps ensure our quality is maintained at the heighest levels in the market.


  • Engineered solutions to meet the users requirement
  • Spring & damping characteristics tuned for maximum performance
  • Low weight, low cost solutions interfacing effectively with the suspension and chasis
  • Proven range of standard parts used and mass produced across railway, bus, truck & defense markets