Bulletproof Toyota Land Cruiser 200

JFK Defense Armoured/Bulletproof Land Cruiser 200 is equipped with superior armoring protection for undercover defense you can rely on. Armored Land Cruisers are available in a variety of trims, including all engine variants. Each custom armoring package is designed to protect the vehicle and its passengers, so you can quickly get to safety whenever necessary. Our expert mechanics and welders work cohesively together to protect the vehicle’s core operating features. This helps keep your vehicle running so you can find your way to safety. Every armored SUV from JFK Defense comes standard with run-flat tires as well as bullet and impact-resistant armored plating and glass, no matter what your armoring package. Bulletproof Land Cruiser 200 is undoubtedly a reliable fortress on wheels and it makes sure to transport its occupants safely through almost any terrain.


  • Run-flat fittings in all tyres including a spare tyre
  • Blast Resistant fuel tank sheath
  • Specially designed Vehicle Battery and Engine Control Module (ECM) armour safeguard with Ballistic Steel as per standards
  • Additional bullet catcher and large overlaps on door frames
  • Specially designed heavy duty door hinges for protracted endurance and effortless maintenance
  • Robust door pillars and posts with barricaded door travel retainers
  • Highly reinforced suspension to compensate supplemented weight of the vehicle. Installation of Heavy-duty coil springs and heavy-duty shock absorbers
  • Specially designed radiator protection (Optional)
  • Upgraded Brake Pads for superior performance
  • Rear bulkhead with view glass & gun-port
  • Fuel tank protection
  • Upgraded Brakes & Suspension Upgrade

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is considered as most popular Armored Bulletproof SUVs in the world. The Toyota Land Cruiser is the world leading security car, renowned for years for its rugged exterior and performance and its luxurious interior. JFK Defense has added more features in our Bulletproof Toyota Land Cruiser such as a touch-screen DVD navigation system with an integrated backup camera. Our advanced and high quality performance Armoured Bulletproof Land Cruiser 200 provides more security no matter where you are.

  • MAKE
    Land Cruiser 200
    5.7/4.6/4.5 DOHC 32 Valve
    6-Speed Automatic/Manual
    4 X 4
    96 Ltr Petrol / Diesel
    BR6/BR7 CEN NIJ III – NIJ IV – VR6 – VR7
    4950 X 1970 X 1890 mm
    3980 KG
    2850 mm

JFK Defense provides Bulletproof Armored Toyota Land Cruiser SUVs with Protection level B4, B6 and B7. All four sides of the passenger compartment and the roof of the Armored Land Cruiser are protected using high-quality (certified) armor steel and glass. The windshield glazing is graded at BR6 which means that it can resist 3 rounds of 7.62 caliber rifle fire striking within 120mm of each other. The armoring is integrated inside the vehicle’s cab and forms a complete self-supporting structure so as to avoid excessive stress on the vehicle’s original structure. Doors are upgraded with Heavy-duty hinges and with in-built door-stop. Fuel-tank is protected with steel armour-plates. The battery and control module of the engine are protected to the same level as the opaque areas. An Armored Land Cruiser are available in various grades- GXR, VXR, GX and VX in both petrol and diesel variants.

JFK Defense provides customized vehicles to suit your specific needs, and an array of additional options that provide tactical advantage and additional security including (but not limited to) ECM, Mobile Jammers, ULTRA HIGH SECURITY PACKAGE, under-carriage blast protection, Special purpose HD Wheel Assembly, Siren PA Systems, Additional Batteries and power modulators, Kill Switch, Mobile-eye guidance systems, Tactical Radio systems, etc.